Monday, April 22, 2013

.Teacher's Diary. (my 14 y.o. kiddos)

My students went back to their hometown this weekend (boarding school kan)
So today's lesson was about 'Holiday'
I asked my students what they did during the holiday.
They gave different-different answers
Eh no.Actually most of them gave the same answer:

 "Surf internet teacher!"
"Facebook-ing teacher!" =='

Until I asked this one particular boy, let's just call him D

"So D, you are so quiet. You must have something interesting to share, right?"
"No teacher. No interesting. I don't go back.I stay hostel. But I enjoy, teacher."
"What did you enjoy? What did you do?"
"I went swim,teacher" (everybody wow-ed him.)
"Oh, you went for swimming.  Awesome!Great! Swimming is good for your...."
"I swim in the kolah. My holiday is very best teacher." (the other boys made a disgusting face "ko masuk dalam kolah??woiii!")
"You what???Swam in the kolah?? It's very dangerous you know. Don't do that next time, please!"
"Ok teacher"

Before I did my main activity, I introduced them with new vocab/lexis (for example: a jaunt on the beach, scrumptious meals etc.).  So, I made a story.

"So class, during the weekend, I did something relaxing too. I..."
"I know teacher! You go shopping!"
"Errr...It's a good guess.  I did go shopping.  But there's another interesting activity that I did on the weekend."
"Interesting activity...haaa! washing clothes!"
washing clothes?? interesting?? =.='

I just realised that all the activities they told me were the ones that I taught two weeks ago. Sabar seja la.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

.awesomely awesome.

'it has been great.......'

the most powerful positive phrase that keep me smiling today.

thank you.
feel appreciated. =)

(berusaha mengawal hidung dari kembang2)

Thursday, April 18, 2013


you started it first

and I think I'm the one who should end it.'s not easy.

nobody could understand this
not even you.
coz I put on a mask since day 1.

there's no point writing it here
coz you won't read this
coz you don't know the existence of this thing
(but I wrote it

I guess..
I should just take a bow and go.


p/s: writing in the middle of the night is not good.It makes me thinking too much.I should

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

.Teacher's Diary. (My 13 y.o. kids)

Today I taught my children (read:students) the poem 'Mr Nobody'.  Like all the practicum English teachers, I started my lesson with set induction.  For my set induction, I did some miming for students to guess what I was doing;  I tore a book.  I pretended to pull my students' button from her shirt. I left the door ajar.  I threw books away. And while I was doing all the actions, my students started guessing.  Guess what language came out from their mouth:

'Teacher is angry'
'Teacher is angry until crazy'
'Teacher want to be an enourmous wrinkly face monster!' (I taught them the phrase yesterday. ==')
'Your boyfriend leave you'
'Teacher is putus cinta. so you throw all the barang away. Bla bla bla' (Mind you..this girl has a very good imagination of love story. Form 1. ==')

and they give lots and lots of answers until somebody said 'You are the Mr. Nobody!'
Bingo! phewwwh!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

.ala grammy speech.

Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to live in this beautiful world.

Thank you mak and pak for taking care of me.

Thank you for all the best wishes on facebook. I appreciate them.

Thank you for coming all the way from Tawau to sing a birthday song and share stories like we always did when we were young.

Thank you for giving me a surprise birthday party at 11.38 pm.  Sorry I was too tired after school. But seriously I’m touched, sisters. =’)

Thank you for spending so much money, feeding me with delicious n luxury food. And thank you for the snowball.

Thank you for surprising me a.k.a us with finger-linckin brownies and happy birthday song in secret recipe. It was awesome!

Oh and yeah thank you for the Mr. Brownie . He’s so cute I can’t wait for his arrival.  I know he’s safe with you. And thank you for the pinkybutterflyie card too. I love them! Hoho.


Happy twenysomething to yours sincerely.

The end.