Saturday, March 23, 2013

.drive me crazy. (gps is invented for somebody like me)

Went to school.

Planned to put test papers inside the file and go back straight away.

Had to cancel the plan tho.

Found that my table was occupied with lots and lots of books and journals

Sudden depression. 'Buku budak banyak belum mark.ya Allah.'

Took my red pen and started marking.  I should finish this before holiday.

One book.Two books. Three books.Four books. Then  I stopped.'What on earth is this??"
Marking students' essay is not as enjoyable as I thought it is. Pening.

"I need another story something to get off my life gets kinda boring..." it's one republic's song.and's my ring tone. (Eh, ringtone tak memotivasikan langsung.) Actually..hafiz set the ringtone for me a year ago.Since I get used to the ringtone, I don't want to change it (read: I dunno how to change my ringtone.ish.pathetic.)

Ok.lets continue with the main story.

My phone rang. 'Help!help!pick me up.I wanna go to airport.Late oredi!" Ok.thats not how fatin asked for help. She's the most polite human being I've ever met. So, the main point is, I should pick her up.

My biggest the veeerrrryyyy BIIIIG problem in my life so far is how to drive from one place to another.I'm not good in memorising places.

Dengan penuh yakin I drove all the way from school to airport. I thought I should do the check in for her first.  Yes, I ended up in KKIA terminal 1 when actually I should be in terminal 2. Ouh, I'm so smart.

And the adventure started.  I dunno how to go from terminal 1 to terminal 2.  Tried to call some friends.  Too bad.  All I could hear was 'teeeeeeeeet'.  Call ended. Celcom buat hal. =.='.  Thank God, amal was reachable.

"Terminal 2 is just around here" Repeatedly saying this mantera. But I ended up in a errr.. taman perumahan. And I feel really stupid.  Stopping another car and asked the way out. 

And yeah finally fatin was safely arrived in terminal 2. Alhamdulillah.

Feeling hopeless, I tried to figure out how to go back. Penat fikir.  I decided to just follow the crowd.

Guess where am I after an hour? In secret recipe!ohoii

"macam mana sesat sekali pun, sure sampai secret recipe" he said. Eh ha'ah la. I can't help laughing.

sipping ice blended capuccino and a piece of yogurt cheese cake brought back a smile to my face.

as if they knew how bad my day was...I had a 'Bad Day' song as a background. Ouh, at least better than 'pernakah kau merasa jarak antara kita...'.=.='

At least my day was not that bad.  Thanks to sir safee sali. Despite hearing your students calling you like every 5 minutes in the SHOPPINGMALL, I enjoyed the outing today.=)

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