Tuesday, February 19, 2013

.stop and stare.

When a sexy girl does a 'catwalk' in the shopping mall/anywhere...

Instead of looking at the girl, I can't help looking at the guys nearby. 

There're guys with their jaw drops. 

Some stop doing their work and start staring.

Another with their super big and round eyes.

And there are those who scan the girl from head to toe.
Not all the mars have the same attitude. 

There are some innocent ones who don't bother looking or staring. 

It's either they are good guys (try so hard to lower their gaze)

or they didn't realize a hottie just passed their way ("alaa..bukan rezeki")

or simply..they are gays.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

.i say...think before you talk!

I was waiting for my mum when I heard this:

"Eh kenape you call nombor ni. Ini bukan tepon kite la.  Ini telefon ayah kite.  Nanti you call nombor kite tau tau." (insert suare manjew.)

I accidentally said 'DUH!'.
and she heard that.
and she looked at me.
and I made the most innocent face that I could make.
I swear! I didn't intend to sound so cruel.  It came out from my mouth automatically. Betul!

(I have problems in expressing myself. Bad habit!)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

you are now my VIP! wiwit

you don't know how much I think of you
every night in my sleep
every path that I take
every food that I consume
every kg that I lose
every ringgit that I spend
every window that I shop (read: window shopping)
your shadow is there, and I keep thinking how and what to do to make you a better man
yes. It's all about how to make you happy
and how to make you learn better
and how to boost your confident

so kids,
you should be honoured
and proud of yourselves
coz each one of you is now considered part of the VIPs in teacher's life.
eh, susah tau mahu masuk list vip teacher rama.lol.