Friday, January 18, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (feel like you wanna hide behind a curtain)

That was embarassing.

How I clumsily spilled the water all over my face in attempt to drink.
(blame the after effect of emcee-ing the linkages event).

How I accidentally address myself as 'kakak' instead of 'cikgu' in front of two form 5 students due to the nervousness that coming from nowhere.
(And the students started to wonder am I a teacher or what? And they had to remind me many times to call myself 'cikgu'.  And I accidentally chanted the phrase 'I'm a teacher' many times in front of them. Thank God it happened in the toilet..not in the classroom).

How I forgot to close the bottle cap tightly.  I was rushing to enter my class and grab the bottle and as a result the water spilled all over my skirt and socks and heels.
(And it happened in front of the two students.  And they were shocked.  And they said 'relax' so many times. And I had no other choice but telling them this; 'don't you ever tell your friends.'  I made them promise and off I go.)

How I asked direction from a tall boy (a student), and he didn't look at me while talking.  And I was so pissed of because I was totally late and because I'm a teacher, and he should respect me by looking at me while talking.  But after sometime, after I could make sense of everything, then I make an assumption, I shouldn't ask direction from the boys. This is sekolah agama. Macam tu ba kan?

So basically, looks like I filled my diary with embarassing moments this week.  Hopefully next week, colourful moments would knock my door.

Yours truly,
.Teacher Rama.
.Teacher Ana.
.Teacher Dana.
.Teacher R.


fizah said...

kak ana,comel juga tu..hehe
1st praktkum mmg mcm2 happened.nnt lama2 ok jugak pula nerves ni tunggu isnin :)

afiqah ashiya said...

biasa la tu first week kan..yg dah nak fasa 3 ni pon masih camtu jugak.nervous x hilang.haha good luck sis! :)

ana rama said...

u gonna nail it.iAllah.da biasa praktikum sebelum ni kan.bole punyalaa. =)

JENNtheexplorer said...


Ibung said...

ha. ha. relax la teacher.. buat cool jak..

Lan said...

Teacher Ana macam best hahahaha

ana rama said...

i appreciate all the haha besties.

cam best kan.tapi mcm telampau ayu.

Lan said...

jadi kau mengajar lah dengan ayu ayunya :P

ana rama said...

nda boleh.cita2ku kan mo jadi guru