Monday, January 21, 2013

.it's like a swear word, isn't it?.

She became an overnight sensation.  Thanks to the 24-minute video on youtube. Her name is not as famous as the word she said; 'listen'

'Do you know that sharifah zohra bla bla bla..'
'Sharifah shahora??'
' That listen-woman bah.'

No.I don't have the intention to give further comments about this issue. Enough with the never-ending comments on youtube, facebook, twitter and blog.  It's just that, I wonder why people so obsessed with the word 'listen'.

As a teacher, I think that the word 'listen' is overrated especially when the students start mocking 'listen,listen,listen..' whenever I said 'Class, listen.' 

p/s: now i feel like teachers are the 'zohra' and students are the 'bawani'.


Lan said...

class, please hear what I'm going to say... tapi panjang la

ana rama said...


Anonymous said... students pulak yg jerit "Listen...listen" when they wanna present in front of the class...then the whole class ketawa...