Wednesday, January 23, 2013

.drive me crazy. (honk!honk!honk!)

Dear people with a big car, and big shades, and a big body who drive exactly behind me,
please stop honking
please don't curse
please don't intentionally drive beside me and make faces
The reason why I put P at the back is to let you know that I'm not an expert driver

I know it's all my fault
I keep on mati enjin
that's why people keep honking
blame me first
but then,
you should also blame the gear 1 coz it doesn't want to cooperate with me
blame the clutch too coz it's too stubborn sometimes
and yeah, you can blame the road too, it's too hilly!
emm and blame the car in front of me! they always do sudden-brake.

I'm tired of these people honking everyday. ish! the engineer should take off this honk from the car. The sound is annoying ok. May be they can replace the annoying-honk with something more soothing emm like when you honk, the sound is not the usual 'ppitttt' but Taylor Swift's songs. So people won't mind if you honk non-stop every single day. You can sing along too. That would be awesome kan?

(eh engineer ka yg buat kereta? sukahatiseja. lol)

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Aisyah Farisya said...

hehehe..itu perkara yg biasa terjadi bg pemamdu baru... femes apa kena "hon".. =D