Wednesday, January 16, 2013

.drive me crazy. (after 4 months as a P-holder)

The car almost hit the wall, first.

The car almost hit another car at the parking lot due to the unreasonable turn-right-or-turn-left confusion, second.

Day dreaming when the traffic light turned red. And didn't realise when it turned green, third.
Thank God the person at the back didn't honk.

Reached smk agama safely. Take a deep breath and recite Alhamdulillah many times for He let me survive this time. Saw a man stood outside the car.
Eh, wait.
'Sorry ustaz!'
I didn't realise I just blocked his way. Fourth

Take a deep breath again. Switch off everything. Walked out from the car. 'Ya ampun! Punya kotor ni kereta.' Didn't realise that all the small leaves perfectly covered the car. Blame me for parking under the tree. Quickly walked away.  Maluuu.

Inside the bilik guru. Sweating. Just about to relax when a teacher called out 'kereta siapa kaler-----plat number-----, lampu kereta masih hidup'. Fifth
Berlari lagi.

These things happened when my partner was absent.
Harus berusaha jadi matang, kata kak tina.  

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