Monday, January 28, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (the 1-4-3 words)

Packing my stuffs. Ready to get myself out.

Instead of saying the common 'Thank you, teacher', the students surprised me with 'I love you, teacher'.

Guess I haven't heard those words for so long from a bunch of people, I stunned. Lol.

I love you too cheeky people.

That weird feeling creeps inside me. Ish, it cannot be. That one particular job is still in the highest rank of my to-be list. Teaching shouldn't cast it off. But...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

.drive me crazy. (honk!honk!honk!)

Dear people with a big car, and big shades, and a big body who drive exactly behind me,
please stop honking
please don't curse
please don't intentionally drive beside me and make faces
The reason why I put P at the back is to let you know that I'm not an expert driver

I know it's all my fault
I keep on mati enjin
that's why people keep honking
blame me first
but then,
you should also blame the gear 1 coz it doesn't want to cooperate with me
blame the clutch too coz it's too stubborn sometimes
and yeah, you can blame the road too, it's too hilly!
emm and blame the car in front of me! they always do sudden-brake.

I'm tired of these people honking everyday. ish! the engineer should take off this honk from the car. The sound is annoying ok. May be they can replace the annoying-honk with something more soothing emm like when you honk, the sound is not the usual 'ppitttt' but Taylor Swift's songs. So people won't mind if you honk non-stop every single day. You can sing along too. That would be awesome kan?

(eh engineer ka yg buat kereta? sukahatiseja. lol)

Monday, January 21, 2013

.it's like a swear word, isn't it?.

She became an overnight sensation.  Thanks to the 24-minute video on youtube. Her name is not as famous as the word she said; 'listen'

'Do you know that sharifah zohra bla bla bla..'
'Sharifah shahora??'
' That listen-woman bah.'

No.I don't have the intention to give further comments about this issue. Enough with the never-ending comments on youtube, facebook, twitter and blog.  It's just that, I wonder why people so obsessed with the word 'listen'.

As a teacher, I think that the word 'listen' is overrated especially when the students start mocking 'listen,listen,listen..' whenever I said 'Class, listen.' 

p/s: now i feel like teachers are the 'zohra' and students are the 'bawani'.

Friday, January 18, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (feel like you wanna hide behind a curtain)

That was embarassing.

How I clumsily spilled the water all over my face in attempt to drink.
(blame the after effect of emcee-ing the linkages event).

How I accidentally address myself as 'kakak' instead of 'cikgu' in front of two form 5 students due to the nervousness that coming from nowhere.
(And the students started to wonder am I a teacher or what? And they had to remind me many times to call myself 'cikgu'.  And I accidentally chanted the phrase 'I'm a teacher' many times in front of them. Thank God it happened in the toilet..not in the classroom).

How I forgot to close the bottle cap tightly.  I was rushing to enter my class and grab the bottle and as a result the water spilled all over my skirt and socks and heels.
(And it happened in front of the two students.  And they were shocked.  And they said 'relax' so many times. And I had no other choice but telling them this; 'don't you ever tell your friends.'  I made them promise and off I go.)

How I asked direction from a tall boy (a student), and he didn't look at me while talking.  And I was so pissed of because I was totally late and because I'm a teacher, and he should respect me by looking at me while talking.  But after sometime, after I could make sense of everything, then I make an assumption, I shouldn't ask direction from the boys. This is sekolah agama. Macam tu ba kan?

So basically, looks like I filled my diary with embarassing moments this week.  Hopefully next week, colourful moments would knock my door.

Yours truly,
.Teacher Rama.
.Teacher Ana.
.Teacher Dana.
.Teacher R.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

.drive me crazy. (after 4 months as a P-holder)

The car almost hit the wall, first.

The car almost hit another car at the parking lot due to the unreasonable turn-right-or-turn-left confusion, second.

Day dreaming when the traffic light turned red. And didn't realise when it turned green, third.
Thank God the person at the back didn't honk.

Reached smk agama safely. Take a deep breath and recite Alhamdulillah many times for He let me survive this time. Saw a man stood outside the car.
Eh, wait.
'Sorry ustaz!'
I didn't realise I just blocked his way. Fourth

Take a deep breath again. Switch off everything. Walked out from the car. 'Ya ampun! Punya kotor ni kereta.' Didn't realise that all the small leaves perfectly covered the car. Blame me for parking under the tree. Quickly walked away.  Maluuu.

Inside the bilik guru. Sweating. Just about to relax when a teacher called out 'kereta siapa kaler-----plat number-----, lampu kereta masih hidup'. Fifth
Berlari lagi.

These things happened when my partner was absent.
Harus berusaha jadi matang, kata kak tina.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (the dua'a)

'Next year ka teacher??'

'Yes! InsyaAllah'

'InsyaAllah, teacher. Aminnnnnn.'

The moment they said 'amin', I could feel the goosebumps. The whole class prayed for me??  A bonus for having practicum in smk agama.hehe

Friday, January 4, 2013

'Why me, God?'

I failed the petronas scholarship interview. And I didn't get the offer to study in UTP. On the following weeks, I  questioned everything 'Why God? Why me?' I felt my hopes were shattered.

I entered matrix after SPM. I hate matrix, frankly speaking, coz I don't like science (read: I'm no good in science).  If my friends were not there, I might end up in asylum.  On the following weeks, I questioned everything 'Why I end up here? Why God? Why me?'

I went for maktab interview. My name was not included in the first intake. I really want to run away from matrix but where should I run if I failed the interview?? I asked again 'Why God?  Why me?'

After some times, after I was in the uk, then I can make sense of everything. 

I failed the petronas interview coz if God gives me what I want, I might really end up in the asylum, studying the physics, chemistry, bio, and all the science subjects. 

I wasn't in the first intake TESL-ians because if I was, I wouldn't walk out from matrix with RM 800 allowance in my bank account.  And if I was in the first intake, I have to go through all the orientation thingy (I don't like orientation fyi).

Now, things happen, one after another; some people come without warning, and some people go  unexpectedly.  I'm tired of it. And I lose hope sometimes.  The same questions stuck in my head 'Why God? Why me?' Everyday, every single day, I try to make sense of everything.  God answered my prayer bit by bit, but I still couldn't complete the puzzle.  Learning from experiences, I keep on telling myself, God always has something to offer; a new life, a new opportunity.  'In the midst of our struggles and disappointments, God is able to find us, and God alone can offer us a new dream'.

“.. Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu; Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.” (QS 2:216)

when we are happy, we don't usually ask 'Why God? Why me?'.Manusia, pelik. Kan?