Tuesday, December 18, 2012

.coz i'm the ice-cream lover.

That's why I put all the effort searching for the recipe, buying all the ingredients needed and sweating in the kitchen just to produce a good homemade icecream. Thanks to this blog for the recipe. =)

So...lets see what are the ingredients, shall we?

Evaporated milk (use one whole can.200 ml i think.go check now.lol)
Condensed milk (5 tbs is enough for me.Suku tin is recommended.)
Egg (1)
Vanilla essence (1 cap) *im running  out of vanilla.so I use pandan instead.
Ovalett (1 tbs)
Milo (or choose your own favourite flavour)
How to do it?
Mix all the ingredients except milo use handmixer. 'Handmixed' them for 15-20 minutes.
Add milo.Use any spoon, and stir it until you feel satisfied.
Refrigerated your half-done icecream. Wait until it becomes a real ice-cream
then tadaaaa.enjoy your ice-cream with your love ones.or one.lol.
my humble miloreo icecream.


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