Sunday, November 18, 2012

.Mojo the 'C'.

So, yesterday was AIM 19 and I didn't even know it.  Or care to know about it.  Call me out-dated for watching the 'siaranulangan'. Eh wait! Is this the sign of me getting older?? Coz I don't really updated myself with all the entertainment stuffs lately. Oh no!



I presume I'm matured enough to get myself busy with stuffs like this. HAHA.

So,I watched AIM this afternoon. I just knew about a band called 'Mojo'. I was like, what??Mojo??Seriously?? I know they must have an appropriate definition for it. But, you see, my first encounter with 'mojo' is something like this;

Yes. Condoms.  I got this in my welcome pack last year when I was in Marjon Uni.  And that will answer how i know about this thing.

So did I use it? Yes. But not really me. Two of my male-classmates used it. Ok before your mind wander negatively,let me explain.  They took my mojo one day and filled it with water. They throw it from the second floor and they clapped  and laughed excitedly watching it burst (eh it sounds They even treated it like a balloon. And we 'euwwww' them. Haha

The main point is not about AIM really. It's about the mojo.LOL.

p/s: I fink the 'cukup cukup sudah' song is nonsense. Especially when the wrong person sings it. #justsaying. (that awkward moment when you use hashtag in blogspot)


Lan said...

burst... maksudnya low quality ka? hahaha

Anonymous said...

"They took my mojo one day and..."

ana rama said...

iya lan.hahaa.

excuse me david, i fink u were the one yg main benda tu.together with hafiz n fong.remember?hhaha.

Anonymous said...

i think it was fong and I..
sorry lorr..didn't know u were planning to use it..haha

ana rama said...

bengong la ko david.hahahha.its already expired by the time i wanna use it.hahaa

Adib Hitam said...

hahaha! i was there! i was there! I played along! #aproudmaturelady

ana rama said...

haha!u use lotsa mature-word lately.=p