Friday, November 16, 2012


'Ko makan mau dekat satujam sudah. Lama juga. Berapa course ko ambil ni?' the family said.

Ya ampun.seriously.I have to change this habit. It took me almost one hour to finish one plate of rice. What is happening to me? I seriously have to eat as fast as I could. This one-month-holiday should be spent on a course called 'How to Eat Like A Man'. Why man?coz man can eat within 10 minutes. Or less. (eh gender stereotype ok.)

a girl who takes ages to finish her food

p/s: cuba cakap kura-kura banyak kali. you will find the word is weird. betul! cubalah!


Hanif Redland said...'s right Ramadan.. i felt something wrong when spell it many times..hahaha..

Heart Vacancy said...

nda juga... cuba ko makan sma c Saufi... ada fight kamu dua taww.. hehe

kiorsly said...

here is the funny thing. your blog title, kurakura. and there is a pic of you eating and guess what? the first thing come to me, how on earth you eat that little cute creature kura2 tu? I tot u eat kurakura.. when I finish reading.. oooh, ok2.. hahahhaaa..