Saturday, November 10, 2012

dear sister,

was trembling and shaking replying ur message
why now?
why at this very moment?
i miss u so much that i can't even say it.
hey, hey, stop talking about that topic
coz i don't wanna hear a thing
im not interested to know anything which is not related and not even relevant to me.
i just want to know, how are you doing?
are you alright?
how bout makcik?
is she good?
but if you want to talk about the topic...
just stop
coz i've been running for so long
i just need to stop
i beg you
have mercy on me.

12 midnight.with the lights off.

yours truly,
a girl who owns a new dress.
(oh that new dress is gorgeous. i bought it for less than 50ringgit.what an investment, rite?rite?it looks good on jeans or even skirt. and you can pair it with heels or flat.but i just need to find the scarf.coz i dont have a fancy one.ok i just ruin the melancholic tone in this post. i'm just too excited you see.apology.)