Monday, November 5, 2012

.Allah's blessings.

the combination of this ^
and this _
and this ^
will create this ^_^

: this is just a colon
and this = is just an equal sign
when we add this )
it will become like this :)
and this =)

i don't like to type smiley faces like this :-)
or this :))
coz the former looks weird to a monkey.
and the latter looks as if you have double chin. i know it means you are so happy that you wanna smile twice. but why don't you just put it this way :) :)?? oh time consuming ba

whatever it is, i like the changes that happen
i hope more =) is coming.
and double ^_^ hopefully is on the way.

anyways, i just stick to my plan
i just let it empty for this very moment.coz its better that way.

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