Friday, November 30, 2012

.Jumble up.

It was postponed.
I'm glad.

The short unintentional meeting last time was quite effective.  Praying September come fast coz yours truly can't wait to see the result (if there's any).

Nobody knows this and that.
I'm glad.

But people keep on guessing.
I'm annoyed.sometimes.

I know what I want.
I'm glad.

But no action taken.

If plan A is not working,
plan B is not an option.
I will stick to plan A, upgrade here and there, and make it plan A+.
Hope it works.

i call this the thinking-face

Sunday, November 25, 2012

.Doa Qunut.

Ya Allah! Tunjukilah daku sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Dikau berikan hidayah. Sejahterakanlah daku sebagaimana orang yang telah Dikau sejahterakan. Muliakanlah daku sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Dikau muliakan. Berkatilah segala yang telah Dikau kurniakan kepadaku. Jauhkanlah daku daripada segala kejahatan yang telah Dikau tetapkan. Sesungguhnya Dikau Yang Maha Menentukan dan tiada seorang jua pun yang dapat merubah ketetapan-Mu. Sesungguhnya tidak menjadi hina orang yang Dikau muliakan dan tidak mulia orang yang Dikau musuhi. Demi berkat-Mu, wahai Tuhan kami dan Maha Tinggi Dikau! Hanya bagi-Mu segala pujian atas apa-apa yang Dikau tetapkan. Daku memohon ampun kepada-Mu dan daku bertaubat kepada-Mu. Semoga Allah merahmati Muhammad, Nabi yang Ummi dan atas keluarga dan sahabat Baginda kesejahteraan.

Semoga apa yg dibaca setiap subuh ini mendapat keberkatan.I.Allah.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

.shall I compare thee.

It is still fresh in my mind. The routine I had, although quite boring for some, is the most exciting one.  When I get home, the atmosphere is less stressful,which doesn't surprise me because 'home is where the heart is', remember? 

Every night before sleep, I sit in bed with a cup of hot choc, staring at all the clothes and scarfs and skirts and trousers in the wardrobe.  'What should I wear tomorrow?' is the most popular question in my head, every night. Take this, match with that, mix with this and that and tadaaaa, the outfit will be hanging behind the door, ready to be worn the next day.  It will take almost an hour or two, mind you.

At about seven thirty, I put on sweater and head out.  It's cold outside. The soft grey of the dawn is tinged with purple-pink sunrise.  I stand still, gazing at the wonderful colours in the sky for a few moments, and I could feel my spirits lifting and I tell myself 'It's gonna be a better day!'.  Oh, that's so ideal. I wish I did that for real.  Forget this paragraph. I'm bluffing.

Class usually starts at nine. At seven thirty, I make myself a coffee and say 'Hmm..the taste is as awesome as Starbucks' just to hypnotise myself so that I will enjoy every single sip.  And surprisingly, it works.  No kidding.  Then I sit down, facing the pond behind my house, and sip my coffee.  I love to see the ducklings. The big trees. The squirrels. And if I'm lucky, I could see the mousedeer and deers. I prefer to sit there all day,but as the clock strikes eight thirty, I know I have a class to attend. 

By the time I arrive, it is already nine or nearly nine-O-five (9.05).  As I catch my breath, my friend usually says 'you come early today'.  I know he is being sarcastic.  Michael-thelecturer taught him well.  And, as a respond to that, I usually give him the brightest smile. And I know he's melting. Ok. Kidding.  That doesn't happen at all.

The first thing I would do in the class is scanning all the classmates.  Oh, there is she. She's wearing yet another amazing dress.  Then I will tell the person next to me, how perfect her outfit is.  Sadly, man cannot judge sometimes. He just shrugs.

I miss this place.  Where I am far away from everything. I know, someone somewhere wishes I would stay there forever. I wish too.  But not forever. At least until everything is over.

I know I shall not compare. Let's keep moving forward.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

.Mojo the 'C'.

So, yesterday was AIM 19 and I didn't even know it.  Or care to know about it.  Call me out-dated for watching the 'siaranulangan'. Eh wait! Is this the sign of me getting older?? Coz I don't really updated myself with all the entertainment stuffs lately. Oh no!



I presume I'm matured enough to get myself busy with stuffs like this. HAHA.

So,I watched AIM this afternoon. I just knew about a band called 'Mojo'. I was like, what??Mojo??Seriously?? I know they must have an appropriate definition for it. But, you see, my first encounter with 'mojo' is something like this;

Yes. Condoms.  I got this in my welcome pack last year when I was in Marjon Uni.  And that will answer how i know about this thing.

So did I use it? Yes. But not really me. Two of my male-classmates used it. Ok before your mind wander negatively,let me explain.  They took my mojo one day and filled it with water. They throw it from the second floor and they clapped  and laughed excitedly watching it burst (eh it sounds They even treated it like a balloon. And we 'euwwww' them. Haha

The main point is not about AIM really. It's about the mojo.LOL.

p/s: I fink the 'cukup cukup sudah' song is nonsense. Especially when the wrong person sings it. #justsaying. (that awkward moment when you use hashtag in blogspot)

Friday, November 16, 2012

slip of the tongue?NO!


I'm worried sick! What on earth am I doing??? Somebody should slap me on the face. Or just kick me as hard as you can.

Where IS my brain? Going down the drain??

Seriously I should think twice before saying anything. Ya ampun. I'm just making things worst donchu think? (ok.apologise. You dont know the context, d'you?)


'Ko makan mau dekat satujam sudah. Lama juga. Berapa course ko ambil ni?' the family said.

Ya ampun.seriously.I have to change this habit. It took me almost one hour to finish one plate of rice. What is happening to me? I seriously have to eat as fast as I could. This one-month-holiday should be spent on a course called 'How to Eat Like A Man'. Why man?coz man can eat within 10 minutes. Or less. (eh gender stereotype ok.)

a girl who takes ages to finish her food

p/s: cuba cakap kura-kura banyak kali. you will find the word is weird. betul! cubalah!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

.drive me crazy. (lesen perhiasan)

'I wanna come.'


'But I don't know the way.Can you drive?'



'No way.I can't.Thousand times cannot.'

'Seriously? I thought you already have licence'


'So? Drive then. Next year practicum rite? You should use this one month to practise.'

Why everybody wants me to drive?Why?Why? I hate driving. I have no idea why I took the driving license at the first place. =.=' 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

.caring is sharing.

You say:
I can't take this anymore. I wanna change. But the changes mean losing the things I love.

But Allah says: 
"Dan orang-orang yang berusaha dengan bersungguh-sungguh kerana memenuhi kehendak agama Kami, sesungguhnya Kami akan memimpin mereka ke jalan-jalan Kami; dan sesungguhnya (pertolongan dan bantuan) Allah adalah berserta orang-orang yang berusaha membaiki amalannya." [al-Ankabut, ayat 69]

I come across this post in fb:
"Hati manusia yang tidak solat umpama bateri yang kosong. Maka manusia yang tidak solat, umpama telefon yang sudah kehabisan bateri. Apabila hati “mati”, tidak berguna wajah yang tampan dan badan yang sasa pada seseorang manusia, seperti tidak ada gunanya telefon bimbit yang canggih dan cantik tanpa bateri!"

and perhaps I can relate that post with this conversation that I heard yesterday:

'Alimnya dia. Dia tak tinggal solat 5 waktu sehari'
'Err...bukan kita memang tak boleh tinggal solat ka?'


dear sister,

was trembling and shaking replying ur message
why now?
why at this very moment?
i miss u so much that i can't even say it.
hey, hey, stop talking about that topic
coz i don't wanna hear a thing
im not interested to know anything which is not related and not even relevant to me.
i just want to know, how are you doing?
are you alright?
how bout makcik?
is she good?
but if you want to talk about the topic...
just stop
coz i've been running for so long
i just need to stop
i beg you
have mercy on me.

12 midnight.with the lights off.

yours truly,
a girl who owns a new dress.
(oh that new dress is gorgeous. i bought it for less than 50ringgit.what an investment, rite?rite?it looks good on jeans or even skirt. and you can pair it with heels or flat.but i just need to find the scarf.coz i dont have a fancy one.ok i just ruin the melancholic tone in this post. i'm just too excited you see.apology.)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

belon warna warni.cantik.kan?

'how u celebrate the end of the semester?'

'basuh baju!'


ok.actually thats the best thing that i can think of. yes.yes. i'm boring.

btw..the james bond is awesome! go watch it now! Will try to find nemo tomorrow. cartoon! enticing! donchu think? =)

p/s: receiving three cards so far. another card is on the way. relax. i'm enjoying my life so far (i.Allah amin). =)

free!body and soul free! (i've imagined somethin like this happens for real=p)

Monday, November 5, 2012

.Allah's blessings.

the combination of this ^
and this _
and this ^
will create this ^_^

: this is just a colon
and this = is just an equal sign
when we add this )
it will become like this :)
and this =)

i don't like to type smiley faces like this :-)
or this :))
coz the former looks weird to a monkey.
and the latter looks as if you have double chin. i know it means you are so happy that you wanna smile twice. but why don't you just put it this way :) :)?? oh time consuming ba

whatever it is, i like the changes that happen
i hope more =) is coming.
and double ^_^ hopefully is on the way.

anyways, i just stick to my plan
i just let it empty for this very moment.coz its better that way.