Sunday, October 21, 2012

.Bee is my middle name.

Was quite busy recently. Suprisingly, I appreciated every second of my busy-ness. Thanks to problems.Lol.

I experienced a totally different atmosphere;

judging people

being judged by people

and honestly, i'd rather being judged than judging.
Coz it's quite hard for me, as an amateur, to judge those debaters
It's quite annoying when some people dissatisfied with your judgement and start to throw a list of argument in front of you.

Anyways, I'm enjoying myself in perak.
Despite the 24/7 critical thinking time, I still had time to go shopping! weehuuu
but I only managed to buy a few things for me, mum, and friends.
couldn't buy much.
masa tidak mengizinkan dan amat mencemburui

p/s Thanks to all the awesome people who coloured my day. May Allah bless you all the way. ^_^


Hanif Redland said...

Wahh..hebat tul cik ramadana..dua2 boleh..hehe :)

Azureen Azlan said...

a step closer to becoming Malaysia's next top host ahahaha lols:)

ana rama said...

haahaa..kamurang buat sy lol la.

Heart Vacancy said...

congratz rama... :)

ana rama said...

thanks shidi =)