Saturday, October 27, 2012

.barney calls it 'doppelganger'.

I meet your identical twin.
I should tell you this.
It's a lol, really.
Everything is perfectly the same except for some traits.
Try to reach you on fb.
But haish, i forgot you are not in my friend list (for some immature reason.which makes me lol-ing now)
The only way i can tell you is here, in my blog.
Hopefully you still read mine.

and oh yeah
That person is annoyingly nice.
just like you.

When i said annoying, i completely mean it.
but in a nice way (seriously??).
annoying and nice shouldnt go side by side.
they sound oxymoronly weird.

the identical-twin founder,


Heart Vacancy said...

I dont get this.

ana rama said...

monolog dalaman ba