Tuesday, September 4, 2012

.now we shall look at it and smile.

We never had a proper family portrait before
back then, we tried so many times to have one
but there's always an empty space in the photo,
there's always somebody missing
it's either the sisters or the head of the family
until the latter passed away,we didn't really care to have a decent family portrait
coz why bother to have one when you know the family's VIP (a.k.a father) won't be there in the photo

until recently,
my sister suggested that we should take a picture together
only six of us and the mom
bros-in-laws are not allowed to interframe
not even the kids (ehe.kejam)
and so we did.

the first take is a failure:
distraction from the kids upstairs

the decent one

and that was the only day we cared to take pictures
other days, we left the cameras virginly inside the handbag,
perhaps because we don't want the clicking cameras contribute to our fake smiles
or because we don't have a highquality camera let alone dslr
or simply because the six of us are not photogenic.lol

so now, in the family check list, 'family portrait' has been ticked. =)

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