Saturday, September 8, 2012

no longer a candle?

Just recently I read a lot about teachers.  Teachers suddenly become a 'hot-stuff' but don't yeayy yet coz all the things I read are about the negative issues of teachers. Teachers are useless. Teachers makan gaji buta.  English teachers teach broken English (oucch). Teachers involve a lot in direct selling until they ignore their students.  Teachers are this.  Teachers are that..bla blabla I just lol.

Why do you think those people concern so much about teachers?Why don't they criticise the doctor, engineer, architect or those other professions? The professional reason is because teachers are the beginning of all the professions in the world so if teachers make mistakes, the possibility for the learners to make mistakes are high.  People afraid if teachers no longer can produce excellent doctors so thats why they have to give harsh comments on the teachers.
And the real reason that I can think of is because teachers are just too awesome that they can't resist the temptation to degrade them. =)

For those who are burning inside after reading about all the criticization and accusation on teachers, just chill.  If you know you are not the kind of teachers they are talking/babbling about, you just have to take a sip of hot coffee while reading the nonsense and relax.  There are several reasons why they write those kind of things:
1. They have the lousiest teachers during their schooldays
2. They wanted to be a teacher but they failed during BPG's interview.
3. They wanted to involve in direct selling but fail to do so.
4. They wanted to marry a teacher but all the teachers rejected them.

Nothing could be done to shut their mouths.  All we can do is, be an excellent teacher.Try to give our best until they can't find ways to talk negative things about us. If you want to get involved in direct selling things, make sure neither of the students' parents are your client. more thing, since those people complaint that teachers always take maternity leave, then, I guess those people don't want teachers to make babies every year. Donchu think?