Monday, September 24, 2012

.drive me crazy. (:P)

It was raining heavily. I was worried sick. The road must be slippery.  It must be hard to see the line. The what-ifs thought haunted me until I had to tell myself to stop what-if'ing'.  'Bersangka baiklah dengan ujian Allah' my friend once said. So, yes, I was positive all the way to akademi memandu.

Until I met this friend (whom I forgot to ask her name) who was very nervous.  She started to mumble words which transferred the negativity to my brain.  And I was nervous all over again.

The bukit part was excellent. The jpj-man was very serious so I didn't dare to look at him. I proceed to the parking-area and 3 penjuru.  The nervousness gone coz suddenly i enjoyed doing those parking thingy. lol. When I took the slip, the jpj-man told me that he seems to know me.  I was high up in the sky thinking who my cleberity-look-alike is (lol).  When in fact, he knows me coz I'm his friend's sister. Thanks to my father's name. (baru mo feeling2 artis.haha)

Few minutes later,before proceeding to the main road, I saw a lady crying in the jpj-test car. 'She failed' said a woman. I was nervous again. Coz my turn was right after hers. I was what-if'ing' all over again.

Finally, I was in the car, with a bald-tattoed-jpj man. He didn't smile. Even I gave him mine. Ish.sombong. Silence. I could hear my own heart-beat.  Despite the 'stereng lari', 'makan jalan' and driving too fast, he finally gave me a 'pass' coz he said, I'm a good girl. Eh, no. He said, I'm a good driver. Weee~

So now, officially, I got my 'P'. but i dont have a car. Who's willing to sponsor me? (mcm minta belanja karipap seja)

p/s thanks for all the prayer.thanks for texting. =)


Hanif Redland said...

Finally you got it..congratulation ramadana.. :)

ana rama said...


Hanif Redland said...

You've Been Tagged.. :)