Saturday, September 22, 2012

.drive me crazy (from L to P).

Monday is the test.


That's all I can think of.

And that's why I decided to add another two-hour lesson today.

He, the tutor, brought me to pekan to take the 'L' car and I should drive from there he said.

Arrived at the pekan, and he asked me to drive the car out of the parking lot.  I would like to say no, but hey, my test is on Monday.  'No' is no more acceptable.

The air-cond is on, but I was sweating a real sweat.  I was struggling left and right to take the car out, while he's busy talking about this acai who has lotsa money and cars but still a bachelor. =.='

After few minutes, we finally arrived safely in the middle of the pekan.  Cars were here and there.  Jammed! Have I told you that I hate gear 1??  Coz I'm not an expert in balancing the accelerator and the clutch. And that will explain why I don't like red light and jam.

Driving at the roundabout is another story.  I know and surely know that we cannot stop at the roundabout.  But I did stop.  My engine died off twice! I screwed the traffic. ='( All the cars were waiting for me to start the engine and get out of the way. Few disrespectful cars honking. And I feel like the most pathetic woman on earth ='( If I were rosmah, I would sue those ppl who honk at women like me.

My test is on Monday.  Pray that I'm still alive, holding the 'P'.


Heart Vacancy said...

You go Rama! Dapat P je nnti bawa auto je.. senang... no more worries about balancing the clutch and accelerator again :)

ana rama said...

i wish i wish i wish..hehe