Wednesday, September 26, 2012

.my only wish.

All your armies
All your fighters
All your tanks
and all your soldiers
against the boy
holding a stone
standing there all alone
in his eyes i see the sun
in his smile i see the moon
and i wonder
i only wonder
who is weak
and who is strong
who is right
and who is wrong
and i wish
i only wish

.Musarrat Karim.

Monday, September 24, 2012

.drive me crazy. (:P)

It was raining heavily. I was worried sick. The road must be slippery.  It must be hard to see the line. The what-ifs thought haunted me until I had to tell myself to stop what-if'ing'.  'Bersangka baiklah dengan ujian Allah' my friend once said. So, yes, I was positive all the way to akademi memandu.

Until I met this friend (whom I forgot to ask her name) who was very nervous.  She started to mumble words which transferred the negativity to my brain.  And I was nervous all over again.

The bukit part was excellent. The jpj-man was very serious so I didn't dare to look at him. I proceed to the parking-area and 3 penjuru.  The nervousness gone coz suddenly i enjoyed doing those parking thingy. lol. When I took the slip, the jpj-man told me that he seems to know me.  I was high up in the sky thinking who my cleberity-look-alike is (lol).  When in fact, he knows me coz I'm his friend's sister. Thanks to my father's name. (baru mo feeling2 artis.haha)

Few minutes later,before proceeding to the main road, I saw a lady crying in the jpj-test car. 'She failed' said a woman. I was nervous again. Coz my turn was right after hers. I was what-if'ing' all over again.

Finally, I was in the car, with a bald-tattoed-jpj man. He didn't smile. Even I gave him mine. Ish.sombong. Silence. I could hear my own heart-beat.  Despite the 'stereng lari', 'makan jalan' and driving too fast, he finally gave me a 'pass' coz he said, I'm a good girl. Eh, no. He said, I'm a good driver. Weee~

So now, officially, I got my 'P'. but i dont have a car. Who's willing to sponsor me? (mcm minta belanja karipap seja)

p/s thanks for all the prayer.thanks for texting. =)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

.drive me crazy (from L to P).

Monday is the test.


That's all I can think of.

And that's why I decided to add another two-hour lesson today.

He, the tutor, brought me to pekan to take the 'L' car and I should drive from there he said.

Arrived at the pekan, and he asked me to drive the car out of the parking lot.  I would like to say no, but hey, my test is on Monday.  'No' is no more acceptable.

The air-cond is on, but I was sweating a real sweat.  I was struggling left and right to take the car out, while he's busy talking about this acai who has lotsa money and cars but still a bachelor. =.='

After few minutes, we finally arrived safely in the middle of the pekan.  Cars were here and there.  Jammed! Have I told you that I hate gear 1??  Coz I'm not an expert in balancing the accelerator and the clutch. And that will explain why I don't like red light and jam.

Driving at the roundabout is another story.  I know and surely know that we cannot stop at the roundabout.  But I did stop.  My engine died off twice! I screwed the traffic. ='( All the cars were waiting for me to start the engine and get out of the way. Few disrespectful cars honking. And I feel like the most pathetic woman on earth ='( If I were rosmah, I would sue those ppl who honk at women like me.

My test is on Monday.  Pray that I'm still alive, holding the 'P'.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

.give it back!

like a puzzle
i always try to find every single piece
and paste it on the right place
i just want to see what image it would create
but until now i fail
coz somebody hide the missing pieces
thank you...

for being cruel.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

no longer a candle?

Just recently I read a lot about teachers.  Teachers suddenly become a 'hot-stuff' but don't yeayy yet coz all the things I read are about the negative issues of teachers. Teachers are useless. Teachers makan gaji buta.  English teachers teach broken English (oucch). Teachers involve a lot in direct selling until they ignore their students.  Teachers are this.  Teachers are that..bla blabla I just lol.

Why do you think those people concern so much about teachers?Why don't they criticise the doctor, engineer, architect or those other professions? The professional reason is because teachers are the beginning of all the professions in the world so if teachers make mistakes, the possibility for the learners to make mistakes are high.  People afraid if teachers no longer can produce excellent doctors so thats why they have to give harsh comments on the teachers.
And the real reason that I can think of is because teachers are just too awesome that they can't resist the temptation to degrade them. =)

For those who are burning inside after reading about all the criticization and accusation on teachers, just chill.  If you know you are not the kind of teachers they are talking/babbling about, you just have to take a sip of hot coffee while reading the nonsense and relax.  There are several reasons why they write those kind of things:
1. They have the lousiest teachers during their schooldays
2. They wanted to be a teacher but they failed during BPG's interview.
3. They wanted to involve in direct selling but fail to do so.
4. They wanted to marry a teacher but all the teachers rejected them.

Nothing could be done to shut their mouths.  All we can do is, be an excellent teacher.Try to give our best until they can't find ways to talk negative things about us. If you want to get involved in direct selling things, make sure neither of the students' parents are your client. more thing, since those people complaint that teachers always take maternity leave, then, I guess those people don't want teachers to make babies every year. Donchu think?

Friday, September 7, 2012

.you, with the longest leg.

dear tall-but-not-so-handsome michael,
you said you might be coming next year
so i put my masculine face and ask 'what for?'
you said you are being invited to come to m'sia and observe us
though it is under your 'work-purposes', deep down i know you want and really eager to meet us
put it in a romantic-word, you actually miss us.
when i was just about to be happy, you said you can't promise to come
coz it could be another lecturer. not him.
i want you to come
no matter what it takes, you should come. you must come!
you said, finger cross, you will come to visit us.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

.now we shall look at it and smile.

We never had a proper family portrait before
back then, we tried so many times to have one
but there's always an empty space in the photo,
there's always somebody missing
it's either the sisters or the head of the family
until the latter passed away,we didn't really care to have a decent family portrait
coz why bother to have one when you know the family's VIP (a.k.a father) won't be there in the photo

until recently,
my sister suggested that we should take a picture together
only six of us and the mom
bros-in-laws are not allowed to interframe
not even the kids (ehe.kejam)
and so we did.

the first take is a failure:
distraction from the kids upstairs

the decent one

and that was the only day we cared to take pictures
other days, we left the cameras virginly inside the handbag,
perhaps because we don't want the clicking cameras contribute to our fake smiles
or because we don't have a highquality camera let alone dslr
or simply because the six of us are not

so now, in the family check list, 'family portrait' has been ticked. =)