Saturday, August 11, 2012

.drive me crazy.

In a minute I thought, how on earth did I get in here??What am I doing inside this very car with a stranger?? And why did I sit in the driver's seat?? I was nervous. I have no idea how to control the steering let alone the brake the clutch and the gear. The moment he said start the engine, I was sweating like nobody business.  Why can't he show me first how to drive?? What if I hit the pole...or worst..a human.

After a few minutes, I gained the confidence. And when he saw me smiling, he started to talk about this and that.  About his wife, his son and everything.  Now I realise how hard it is to drive when your thought is somewhere else.  I suddenly couldn't make sense of which is left and right. That's why I almost hit the bush. He said 'brake!'. Because I was nervous, I didn't know what I did.  But the last thing I knew, the engine had died off.

Coz he is my instructor, he didn't give up though he knows his life is in danger.  The next thing I did was parking.  Worst thing happened when I tried to reverse.  I didn't even look at the side mirror.  I was enjoying myself 'pushing and pulling' the steering (hey its He once again said 'brake!' coz I almost hit the poles. But, as usual, I was nervous. I screamed. I acidentally released the steering and tried to make sense which one is brake.  And end up, I press the accelerator instead. And, yes, I hit the poles excellently.

The instructor must be annoyed having such a lembab student like me. I almost give up. I hate those three things; the clutch, the brake, the accelerator.  I wish cars only have steering and nothing else.      


Hanif Redland said...'n give up ramadana..try again..

ana rama said...

haha..i.Allah.pray hard.

Niena Han!naH said...

good luck kak.. saya pun dlu mcm tu, langsung x pena bwa kereta.. kena marah2 jak.. hehehhe alhamdulillah lama2 blh sdh :')

ana rama said...

hehe..thanks.i wont give up.=)

Lan said...

belum ada ka lesen untuk auto jak? macam ada aku dengar lesen begitu.. kalau mau stereng jak la haha

ana rama said...

belum ada..kalo ada lama da aku amek.haha