Monday, July 30, 2012

.those two weeks.

If dad is still alive, he won't approve what I did today.  I've complained much.  This is not right, that's not right,why should we do that?Aren't we suppose to study?Presentation again?Who's the lecturer now? Who's gonna do the teaching, us again?  I don't know what happen to me. It seems like the negativivity revolves around me everyday especially during weekdays. Entering the class, the only thing I'm looking forward to is meeting my friends (and eyeing the latest fashion of bajukurung n hijab from the juniors). Study??I have no idea what we learn in class.  At least Friday class is awesome. Thanks JK for your real teaching n learning session. The rest??istighfar banyakbanyak.  From now on,  I think, I should stop complaining.  Complaining is bad for health; mentally and physically.  So I think we should just go with the flow, and see how it goes.  

p/s:We know we spent 3 years in the uk.  But it doesn't mean we forgot our root and culture. Please, we are not that bad. 

sedihla macam ni.

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