Tuesday, July 24, 2012

.stop comparing they said.

Hi, I am a student.
As a student, I need to listen to the teachers and pay attention all the time. Thats the taboo in teaching and learning, no? But when things are wrong, and the teacher says something which you know is morally wrong, don't you think we should stop listen? And if you are brave enough to argue, tell the teacher that he/she is going overboard. But as Malaysian students, I (or we) have been trained to listen and not to be vocal. 'Budi bahasa budaya kita', remember?  

I'm tired of listening to those kind of stuffs actually. Stop the fairy tales and lets get back to business. But whatever it is, I still respect you coz you are the teacher, and above all, you are the MKO (more knowledgeable others).

not-related: my fb homepage full of wedding photos and newborn babies. congrats!cant wait to upload mine too.haha.kidding.

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