Friday, July 6, 2012

Ouh, let it be

Yes I finally went out today, in a decent way (lol).  It's friday. I was searching for my jubah but it's nowhere to be found. That's why I opted for that flowy skirt.  I forgot to check the whether forecast.  I didn't know that it was quite windy this morning. That will give you an idea how troublesome it is to wear something flowy when the whether is not being friendly, right? And that will explain how my skirt got caught in a door.  And the macik from the bank trying to safe me by screaming like there's no tomorrow ( Thank God my skirt didn't completely rip off but still, there's a small hole at the very bottom.  Oh,actually I should thank the macik for screaming. If not, I would end up buying a new maxi skirt pronto.

There's another thing. While heading for lunch at a particular restaurant, I didn't realise that there was blood all over my fingers until I noticed there were couple of red dots on my skirt. "Where's this blood coming from?" (And yeah, that was the stupidest question I've ever asked) From my fingers obviously.  Until now, how my forefinger got cut is still a mystery (no lol).

In the restaurant, the waitress was passing the menu when I asked for handy plus. She was blur. Oh, silly me. Of course, handy plus is a brand. So I said plaster; aha more general.  She's still blur.  So I showed my blood-y fingers (literally).  She was panic for a moment and quikly searched for the plaster.  She must be thinking that I ordered handy plus for

My pathetic day didn't stop there.  We were late 25 minutes for movie.  Oh btw, the main reason for this outing is to watch  Mr. Spidey or practically Spiderman (thanks to hafiz for the imagine...we, the women...running with skirt and jubah...(siap ada background music 'wanita hiasan dunia seindah hiasan adalah wanita soleha').  Ouchhh!

After movie, we went to this ice blended stall. I was busy texting my sister. I seriously didn't realise the drink snake out from its cup. And yes, my scarf was wet and my skirt...tch tch tch. and I was messy. And for now, I don't want to see that stall again.

Then, I went home. and I forgot to buy handy plus. Great!   

.thats the skirt that i'm talking about.

moral of the story: perbetulkan niat sebelum keluar rumah. 'sahaja aku keluar rumah utk tgk peter parker' is quite should I say...emm..not appropriate?

-------You asked 'hows ur day'...this had explained how my day really was.

p/s: fb msg 23rd march 2012 (8th).

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