Wednesday, July 4, 2012

.the moment you wish you were invisible.

"Fashion apa auntie pakai ni?"
"Ini latest fashion di london."
"Oo..macam baju tidur kan."

I swear to God, I thought I wouldn't get out from the car hence the pjs,the cardie and the out-of-place scarf. Seriously, if I knew I had to step my foot into the mall, I wouldn't do that fashion crime.  I WOULD NOT,in a million times. 

I still cant forget the way that waiter look at me senyumsenyummintatampar. Yesyes I know I look funny with that colour-blocking pjs. But kepsi don't have dress code rite? Haish malu tauk.     


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kiorsly said...

baju mcam mana jugk di ckap mcam tu? cuba ko post gmbarnya skali. x dpat ku byangkan.. :)