Tuesday, June 5, 2012

.hikmah kembara.

"ujian yang diberi akan membuahkan kemanisan iman berpanjangan sekiranya diiringi doa, tawakal dan sabar."-nia-

i thank Allah for this 6-day journey

thank you for sending me to the program where i could meet those lovely people who could answer my queries without me asking any question

thank you for sending me the sisters and brothers.thank you for giving me time to meet her at the very last minute.2 minutes are enough to give me hope.

hope everything goes well

i'm patiently waiting to make things clear

yet i'm partially ready to face the consequences

waiting for the result makes me nervous, and anxious and afraid and painful but excited at the same time.

i'm no good

but i will try to be one of the best

coz Allah judge the effort you give.not the product.

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