Wednesday, June 13, 2012

.the first days in malaysia.

Say hi to malaysia 4 days ago
for certain reasons, i'm not yet in sabah

now in nik aziz hometown (eh is it?ehe), i feel at ease.
it's peaceful here (despite the terrible sunburn) 
thanks to sabby and lia and wani
they make me feel at home.

i went shopping like i usually did in any other places
i walked faster.and leave the others behind.
then there's this incident when i asked the macik this and that and tried to bargain
she failed to understand me and me too, failed to understand her.
no matter how hard i tried to speak their language, i failed to do so
kecek kelate meme fail. asyik dok pehe ja.
then i realise, shopping in here needs more than a good skill. it needs language and understanding.
thanks to sabby and cikbi.thanks for explaining what 'gori' is, what 'riya' and 'so' is. thanks for helping me to bargain. *clap 


Hanif Redland said...

Slow-slow belaja kecek kelate..ok la nanti cik Ramadana.. :)

H3S said...

nice experience eh..