Wednesday, June 6, 2012

.before leaving for good. (4)

London was sunny. And cloudy too.  British weather. What do you expect?ehe. I didn't snap lots of picture. Coz I was too excited admiring all the things in london. Macam jakun, but seriously I'm going to miss this place so much. I love it. But I don't think I can survive here coz walking down the street of london, in a minute, you'll find your nose is black. The air is so dirty that you wish you could wash your face fifth five times a day.

Tower bridge.We were lucky to witness the lifting of the bridge. Two times.*smile 
Tower bridge is exciting. But london bridge is more famous. Thanks to the 'London bridge is falling down' song.  What if we create another catchy song for tower bridge?  Coz I personally think, london bridge is not interesting. It's just a road. with lots of cars. with nothing interesting to be captured.   

Yes. I'm quite a fan of harry potter hence the picture on the very left, platform 9 3/4. 
Oh the telephone booth. It's nice to see from the outside. The inside?? God knows how smelly it was. Somebody didn't know where to pee i guess. *puke
Lots of flags huh? Coz the queen's bday was a few days after we arrived in london. 80 something years. not bad. *terus nyanyi God save the queen.ehe
Victoria- the last station before going back to plymouth. ='(

see..the same shirt. the same scarf. the same cardi. now you know how important to recycle your shirts especially when all the clothes you brought were absolutely colour-block. =.='
thanks to the cloudy-weather. the sweat was nowhere to be found. hence, the recycling process became easier. oh yeah, don't forget to spray some EDT too.^_*

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