Monday, June 18, 2012

.before flying with wings.

Bumped into a pole and hit a trolley
Clumsily put the trolley in place and run to kl central with my big luggage and a hand luggage and a bag pack packed with things God-knows-what
Bought klia transit and lost the ticket few minutes after that
Made a muka kesian to the guy in the counter to replace my ticket for free
'No miss.We can't help you. Why don't you search for it again.' Stress! I feel like giving him a the, tapi muka dia kiut
After half an hour searching, I found the ticket.Crumpled with another trash inside my bag. How come lah.
The guy in the counter showed his concern. I proudly showed my newly found ticket. He smiled. tarik balik high 5 in the face.
Then I accidentally said something which people, who are about to fly, shouldn't say; "bestnya kan if the ppl called our name. attention to miss ramadana, you have to check in now at gate 7 bla bla.famous kita di klia weh"
I said it coz I overly confident that we would coming in time. Ditakdirkan, we went to the wrong gate.
and yes, my dream came true. The people in charge called our name after we ran like nobody business from gate b7 to a9. Imagine, running with the heavy bag pack and the double heavy hand luggage. No wonder the flight attendant said 'balik dari sekolah ye dik?kenape tak pakai seragam sekolah?" =.="

Despite the many things happened, I was having a good time running here and there, laughing all the way and exchanging so many things and stories with lia. We had been sleeping together for more than 3 days, and you know what it means. LOL.

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i know what it means hehehe