Sunday, May 13, 2012

.running here and there.crawling upside down.

And so...we are in the fifth month of 2012.time flies.
May means final month of studying in the uk
and May means lots of things to do
lots of things to be completed
and here are the snippets of the things that i did, i'm doing, and i'll do this whole month before flying back msia for good

malaysian festival in uni

the kids tried the bollywood dance

yes.we are the sales girls.

'where is the love' by wardina and co.

a beauty she is
with myriam cerrah.a revert.a student in oxford.a mother and of course a wife.
with syeikh marwazi.never fail to make us laugh.
the so-not perfect picture of ours.(the story will be continued later.)
the long lost friends. those who are pktr-ians who accidentally read my blog, you dont have to worry of najah and hosni. they are doing fine here in the uk. najah sanngat tinggi.
imran anak wardina.oh btw the guy is not the father.he's still single n available.ok i made that up.i have no idea who he is actually.haha

Farewell party

will be held next week.theme: red carpet. emm pakai dress carpet kali ngam kan.

Read and write for the last two assignments.fuh!
15th and 25th. (the butterflies stuck in the stomach)

30th may-4th june: a program.yet to be confirmed.

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