Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dear teachers,

I found an interesting fact that I thought worth sharing.

As a teacher (especially English teacher), there are times when you really want to do some speaking activities/ games that involve higher level noise for your students.  But the problem is, other teachers from the next door sometimes (or most of the time) being rather bossy.  They don't want your class to disturb theirs.  So, it's kinda put you off to do any interesting activites that you end up do something boring and torturous like 'open your text book page 15. Read the text and answer all the questions in page 16.  Keep quiet. Hands on the table and shut your mouth'.  If you do this like everyday, then, you'll end up be the most miserable teachers in the entire history of teaching.  No, no. You are not the one to be blamed.  Let's put the blame on the teachers next door, shall we?

So, what this expert suggests is 'do speaking activity when it's raining'.  Funny! An expert can sometimes be soo creatively creative. I seriously laughed when I read it.  But somehow it's true though.  You can ask the students to speak as loud as they can.  You can play huhahuha games too. The noise from your class won't be that obvious to the mr and mrs bossy teachers next door. But, but, you have to rajinly check the weather forecast everyday before class. If it's only light rain, don't play with fire ya (read:jangan bermain dengan api). Coz this principle is only valid for heavy rain.

p/s i think roisin and nick shoud include 'students with high pitch voice' in the assignment. Imagine if there are 40 students in a class all with a falsetto voice?! ya ampun. ampas satu satu kalo bising.


Beattrice said...

'Do speaking activity when it's raining'

hahahahahaha serius lucu! but make sense at the same time.

ana rama said...


Anonymous said...

when paci tukang kebun mesin rumput as well can bah :P

ana rama said...

what if the paci tukang kebun not use the mesin?=p