Thursday, May 24, 2012

.before leaving for good. (3)

Dear Adrian,
sorry for secretly not attending your class (a few times like 2 or 3 times i guess)
not because i hate your class
but because your words are too high and tooo bombastic that made me feel so stupid as i had to listen carefully to understand your message.
thank you for attending our humble tea party
though i didn't talk with you during the party, i did talk about you with my fellow friends. you are the baik hatiest lecturer we've ever met.

Dear doddie
you are as funny as ever
i'm so gonna miss you
very father-like
and very friendly
thank you for giving me C for first-sem drama
coz you made me work harder for the next two sems

Dear john
i don't know you much
but i know you cycle everyday to uni
though you can afford bmw
i respect you for being humble
and i respect you for being environmental friendly
you and miss jenny can go along i guess.


thank you for coming to our farewell party, the malaysian style.
the good things about throwing a party in the uk are; you cook then you eat
you don't need catering
and you don't need a 5-star hotel
save budget kan? =)

yours truly,
the colour-block lady

p/s i know the lecturers will not read my blog (thousand times not)

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Mu Li said...

comellll! cardigan comel, maxi comel, pashmina paling comel! suka combination niii~ seriuss!