Monday, May 21, 2012

.before leaving for good. (2)

last week we finaaaaally submitted our second last assignment.
the feeling was absolutely good
glad that i have the dilligent trio
imms imms the grammarian goddess 
yaya the creative assessment designer
mamal the full-of-idea woman (*names arranged according to pic)
and of course me, the word-cutter??erk
it was good to know that we finally made it till the end
after almost two weeks of sleepless nights
and the never ending discussion
now, practically, we could breathe again
eh but not just yet
this week, we have to pulun habishabis for the last assignment
designing three lesson plans in challenging circumstances are very challenging though.
but, whathever the challenges are, we have to challenge ourselves to complete the challenging assignment. then baru bole huhahuha.kan?

of shining smiles and swollen eyes

of our second-last-assignment and the mat salleh's lighter

*i found that the more i open my window, the more binatang come into my room.=.=

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