Tuesday, May 29, 2012

.the final escapade.

taking myself outa plymouth tomorrow
may Allah bless the journey

we meet again i.Allah.
p/s: may the days will always be cloudy in london.amin.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

.bonding session.

the colours that you pick to wear will define your mood for that day

and for today, i pick something bright.

the quran recitation
the food
the games
the happy faces
the weather
everything could put a smile on my face, and everybody's face.
thank you for today sisters and brothers.

"Therefore, turn in prayer to your Lord and sacrifice (to Him only)" Al-Kauthar 108:2

Friday, May 25, 2012

.keep on dreaming.

a perfect manicure to cure the scars

a second trip to al-hambra

an empty oxford streets full of discounts

a big bouquet of real roses

perfect gifts for everyone whom i love and care about

a nice comfy shoes

a set of mature-black attire

a so-very-important dress

an excited 'visit' to harrords 

dreams that come true

p/s this should be printed out for the children to see how pathethic their mother was.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

.before leaving for good. (3)

Dear Adrian,
sorry for secretly not attending your class (a few times like 2 or 3 times i guess)
not because i hate your class
but because your words are too high and tooo bombastic that made me feel so stupid as i had to listen carefully to understand your message.
thank you for attending our humble tea party
though i didn't talk with you during the party, i did talk about you with my fellow friends. you are the baik hatiest lecturer we've ever met.

Dear doddie
you are as funny as ever
i'm so gonna miss you
very father-like
and very friendly
thank you for giving me C for first-sem drama
coz you made me work harder for the next two sems

Dear john
i don't know you much
but i know you cycle everyday to uni
though you can afford bmw
i respect you for being humble
and i respect you for being environmental friendly
you and miss jenny can go along i guess.


thank you for coming to our farewell party, the malaysian style.
the good things about throwing a party in the uk are; you cook then you eat
you don't need catering
and you don't need a 5-star hotel
save budget kan? =)

yours truly,
the colour-block lady

p/s i know the lecturers will not read my blog (thousand times not)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

.hanya perubahan yang tak berubah.

hari ni rabu

esok khamis

lusa jumaat

jumaat hantar assignment

tengah-tengah buat assignment, pandai seja sebak-sebak sendiri

lepas buat assignment, takda buat assignment lain da

jadi kena nikmati setiap detik bersama assignment (eh mengada ngada betul)

lepas hantar assignment ni

maksudnya xlama lagi tinggalkan uk

dan balik malaysia

eh, sy suka balik malaysia

sy suka malaysia

tapi kali ni lain

malaysia bukan macam malaysia yang dulu

sabah pun macam tu.



semua bukan macam dulu.

mungkin nanti semuanya akan jadi asing 

semoga ke-asingan itu dapat diasingkan dari hati

berharap semoga semuanya baik-baik saja nanti.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dear teachers,

I found an interesting fact that I thought worth sharing.

As a teacher (especially English teacher), there are times when you really want to do some speaking activities/ games that involve higher level noise for your students.  But the problem is, other teachers from the next door sometimes (or most of the time) being rather bossy.  They don't want your class to disturb theirs.  So, it's kinda put you off to do any interesting activites that you end up do something boring and torturous like 'open your text book page 15. Read the text and answer all the questions in page 16.  Keep quiet. Hands on the table and shut your mouth'.  If you do this like everyday, then, you'll end up be the most miserable teachers in the entire history of teaching.  No, no. You are not the one to be blamed.  Let's put the blame on the teachers next door, shall we?

So, what this expert suggests is 'do speaking activity when it's raining'.  Funny! An expert can sometimes be soo creatively creative. I seriously laughed when I read it.  But somehow it's true though.  You can ask the students to speak as loud as they can.  You can play huhahuha games too. The noise from your class won't be that obvious to the mr and mrs bossy teachers next door. But, but, you have to rajinly check the weather forecast everyday before class. If it's only light rain, don't play with fire ya (read:jangan bermain dengan api). Coz this principle is only valid for heavy rain.

p/s i think roisin and nick shoud include 'students with high pitch voice' in the assignment. Imagine if there are 40 students in a class all with a falsetto voice?! ya ampun. ampas satu satu kalo bising.

Monday, May 21, 2012

.before leaving for good. (2)

last week we finaaaaally submitted our second last assignment.
the feeling was absolutely good
glad that i have the dilligent trio
imms imms the grammarian goddess 
yaya the creative assessment designer
mamal the full-of-idea woman (*names arranged according to pic)
and of course me, the word-cutter??erk
it was good to know that we finally made it till the end
after almost two weeks of sleepless nights
and the never ending discussion
now, practically, we could breathe again
eh but not just yet
this week, we have to pulun habishabis for the last assignment
designing three lesson plans in challenging circumstances are very challenging though.
but, whathever the challenges are, we have to challenge ourselves to complete the challenging assignment. then baru bole huhahuha.kan?

of shining smiles and swollen eyes

of our second-last-assignment and the mat salleh's lighter

*i found that the more i open my window, the more binatang come into my room.=.=

Sunday, May 20, 2012

.before leaving for good.

farewell farty.
juniors, u are the awesomely greatest party planners!

imms imms thank u.

.our one big family. *courtesy hafiz*

dont tell me how many days left.
coz i hate counting.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

.the G-word.

saying goodbye to the love ones is not my cup of tea

can we not say the G-word?
coz it's the most not-awesome word in the entire kingdom of vocabulary.

p/s dont want to see ppl crying.coz it's contagious.

Monday, May 14, 2012

no ledge or knowledge?

Sometimes I found language is weird. Like why do we have a word with different meaning but almost-similar pronunciation? Not to be bias, both Malay lang and English are the same. Remember the famous 'dadah' and 'dada' and also 'darah' and 'dara'? People can easily misinteprate your context if you pronounce it wrongly. Like the semenanjungs, we can distinguish between 'darah' and 'dare' based on the 'e' sound.   Pity the sabahan (especially those who still fail to speak with the semenanjung accent.ehem.like.ehem.me). Coz we tend to say the 'a' sound and make the confusion even greater.

English is also the same.  This morning my lecturer demonstrated how the low ability students might speak in english; 'I go beach my family yesterday' annnd some of us laughed. Coz it sounds like 'bitch'.  Other decent words that sometimes create confusion with the disturbing words are like 'testees'(teachers' jargon) and 'testis' as well as 'last' and 'lust'. Next time, if you were given responsibility to create new words, please don't associate your words with something you yourselves might feel unease to blurt it out.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

.running here and there.crawling upside down.

And so...we are in the fifth month of 2012.time flies.
May means final month of studying in the uk
and May means lots of things to do
lots of things to be completed
and here are the snippets of the things that i did, i'm doing, and i'll do this whole month before flying back msia for good

malaysian festival in uni

the kids tried the bollywood dance

yes.we are the sales girls.

'where is the love' by wardina and co.

a beauty she is
with myriam cerrah.a revert.a student in oxford.a mother and of course a wife.
with syeikh marwazi.never fail to make us laugh.
the so-not perfect picture of ours.(the story will be continued later.)
the long lost friends. those who are pktr-ians who accidentally read my blog, you dont have to worry of najah and hosni. they are doing fine here in the uk. najah sanngat tinggi.
imran anak wardina.oh btw the guy is not the father.he's still single n available.ok i made that up.i have no idea who he is actually.haha

Farewell party

will be held next week.theme: red carpet. emm pakai dress carpet kali ngam kan.

Read and write for the last two assignments.fuh!
15th and 25th. (the butterflies stuck in the stomach)

30th may-4th june: a program.yet to be confirmed.