Friday, April 6, 2012

.the two aw(s): awful and awesome!

I don't know how to thank them
seriously my 6th april started miserably
with the panda eyes, dizzy-ness and all...
thats why i decided to sleep at 7 am
and woke up at 10.30 am with a miserable feeling
took a shower and waited until dhur and slept again after that until 3.30 pm (such a sleepyhead)
had the worst nightmare ever, i opened my eyes
and i didn't realise i slept again and the nightmare continued (i love dream-chain thingy...but this time i swear i don't like it!)
after hours of sleeping, i freshened up.
indirectly received a bad news from somebody and i felt like sleeping again
but it was 4.30. i had meeting at 5.30
thank God, He gave me such a lovely friends
I didn't know they had planned this surprised bday party since wednesday
and the meeting was actually fake
it was my bday party
you guys are cheeky!
i don't know how to thank them
i pray for their happiness and may God bless them all the way.
you guys had convinced me that my day is not that miserable. i love allllll offfff uuuuuu and i meant it!

thank u soo much =')

thank you for planning
thank you for the food
thank you for the surprises
thank you for the presents
thank you for the du'a
thank you for your love.

p/s: dib and fatin kamurang mmg pandai plan. salute!


Lan said...

pehhhh byk hadiahhh

Heart Vacancy said...

Awww.. Thank Allah too for giving me the chance to meet with a friend like you. Happy birthday again Rama... Ukhuwah Fillah Abadan Abada :)

ana rama said...


ana rama said...

thank u shidi. ukhuwah fillah i.Allah. =')

Beattrice said...

we love u too :) hehehe..u havent read the private messages bout the planning u'll be laughing reading them.haha :P

ana rama said...

hahaa..i surely will! sedangkan baca balik the announcement for meeting in marjon1ipgaya group tu pun sy suda ketawa2.hahaa..pandai betul kamurang.

msfatinsue said...

hihii plan bersama bah itu, mestilah menjadi!padahl menjadi after we failed twice :DD happy birthday rama, sy doakan yg terbaik utk kmu yaa ((:

ana rama said...

terimakasih sayang =')

aurelia alviana Fedora said...

haha! we love u too rama! :))

ana rama said...