Thursday, April 5, 2012

.nothing but You.

everything is different
last week the spring weather was gorgeously sunny
now it's as cold as winter
i'm freezing inside out

everything flows, nothing stand still
last month my friend was still a bachelor, and now he is married.alhamdulillah
last few months my friend still posted something on her wall, but now she's gone. innalillah.

everything is no longer the same
i was laughing
and now i'm crying
the emptiness sometimes can kill me to death
the vision of tomorrow sometimes freak me out

nothing is permanent
i admit nothing is going to be the same again
but i am sure
and absolutely sure
that though everything changes, He won't
He will always be there for me, for you, for us.
seek for His help, and He will surely help us.
i was once thinking 'is tawakkal that easy?''s not (for some).
but once we understand the concept of tawakkal and practice it
you will feel good again.even better.
coz you know, though everybody leaves you, you still have Him by your side. always and forever.


clare richard said...

people leave, but they will always remember you. Happy Birthday my lovely friend :)

ana rama said...

thanks clare =')

Anonymous said...

Whoever believes in Allah - He will guide his heart. Allah has knowledge of all things (64:11)

Whoever puts his trust in Allah - He will be enough for him. (65:3)

not easy, hence the unimaginable reward. Allah is merciful and all-loving. have faith, have faith.
may Allah make you among the steadfasts :D

seperti kesedihan, kegembiraan juga milik Allah. :D

ana rama said...

subhanallah.thank you for keep on reminding me. thank u thank u so much! =')