Tuesday, April 10, 2012

.the Malaysians abroad. (Madrid)

i don't really like travelling
because i don't like packing
and i don't like being on the plane
but right now i suddenly feel the urge to travel
bah.that's not the point.
now for you guys who plan to go to Spain, let me give you some...err not really tips (coz im not a travel-guru)but it's more like err...an encouragement for you to go there and a liiilll bit of tiny tiny tips.

First, when you travel with friends, you can maximise the use of big luggage by sharing one big luggage for three ppl. That big luggage will contain your food while your personal belongings will be in your own hand-luggage. Bringing your own food can save budget as sometimes you can hardly find halal food restaurant (besides, takkan breakfast, lunch, dinner semua makan luar kot. we are students.bear that in mind.ehe)

there were 6 of us. hence, two big luggages (eh no.its two big luggage.luggage without 's'.haish selalu lupa.)

and don't forget to bring novels or anything that makes you feel the waiting is worth it. make sure you don't bring academic books. tambah stress woi. 
Our first stop was Madrid.
Madrid is famous for its bull fighting
but we didn't go.we don't like violence you know (eleh.tipu.)
we just went to botanical garden/ Senda Botanica Autoigiada
The scenery is magnificient
but i don't think it's a must-go place
yg penting you have to go to the bullfighting thingy.
sometimes we regret we didn't go.betul!

While having fun in Spain, you have to take care of yourself too.and your money.
when somebody suddenly approach you and ask to donate for this and this and that, run! run for your money!
coz we experienced it
we wanted to give some euros. but they demanded more. 10 euros, people! banyak baitu. they even wanted to hold our debit card. no no no.

yes.our apartment is just around the corner.

tempat shopping.crowded.it is.

spain is hot.not only the people.the weather too. so don't forget to bring along shades; for better eyesight as well as 'insight'.kidding.
that's all about madrid.
nothing fancy.

thank you for reading.im just bored.ehe.