Tuesday, April 24, 2012

.happiness in a circle.

Remember the first time we've been introduced to the 'happy circle'? We refused to join.  The sisters knocked gently but we slammed the door and muttered bad words. We pretended we had something else to do. Every friday night, we said we need to do assignments, homework, exercises blablabla. We tried soo hard to give silly excuses. Funny.  Coz now, after three years, we can't wait for friday night.  Because we can't wait to see each other.  We do meet in class, but the feeling is different when we are together in the small room and make a circle and discuss about things.  We know it's not just a circle, it's our 'happy circle'.

after subuh

happy circle is not restricted in a room.it can also be in  the sports hall,people.

 .let's remind each other.from now until forever.


Heart Vacancy said...

MasyaAllah.. :)

Adib Hitam said...

owh, how I love this post but not as much as I love you :) Ish, bodoh2nya kita dlu kan. hahahaha

ana rama said...

shidi =)

dib..bukan bodoh cuma kurang pandai sikit.hehe.i love u moree!

myhadA said...

ala rama... so true...boleh banjir macam ni.. mmg dulu-dulu sangat kurang pandai kan? T_T

ana rama said...

hehe..xpa.we learn from mistakes kan.=)