Wednesday, March 28, 2012

.you.with the longest legs.

"So tell me what else you wanna tell."

"Emm.. what sort of things?"

*laugh "Anything. Problems or interesting things or anything. Like there anything bothering you right now?"

*silence.wait time.thinking.

"Oh yes! I got one. The rent! It's kinda absurd."

*laugh "I heard of this nonsense-rent stuff from one of your friends."

"We have to pay the full amount. But the house only occupied for 7 days??! Nonsense. Don't you think?"

"I know.  I understand your feeling.  But Plymouth is like that.  You have to pay the full amount if nobody move into the house after you leave.  So your task now is to find somebody who can replace you and pay the rent."

"It's a good idea.  But it's hard to find somebody who are willing to move in."

"That's what I'm gonna say. So...what you should do now is just settle the rent. and find some other problems that can distract you from thinking about the house rent"


"And I can tell that the house rent is not your biggest problem right now. Is it?"

*after 10 minutes of blablabla

"Sorry rama. I can't really help.  But I'm here to listen"

"Thanks michael. see ya."

(I think you are the first person i'm gonna miss when i'm leaving msia for good)


Heart Vacancy said...

He's one of the best lecturers (despite his minus characteristics). Period.

ana rama said...

he is. =)