Saturday, March 31, 2012

shopping as therapy?

clarks village is the most dangerous place to go
it is the most seductive place for women. and men too.
with all the colourful colours
with the music that can rush your adrenalin to buy things
with the smiling faces everywhere
with the sweet pleasing words that you can't resist,
it feels like a sin to say no
and it feels awkward to walk around the village without any plastic bags in your hands
and sometimes you don't realise your 100 pounds suddenly nowhere to be found
i guess it's because even the 30 pounds stuff looks cheaper
it's not in your hallucination
we actually had been cursed by the word 'sale'
they put real price: 100 pounds and after discount: 30 pounds
tell me, who can resist the temptation?

semue tinggitinggi belake. =(

p/s: obviously, clarks village is not a perfect getaway to release your tension coz you'll end up buying something which is not even in your shopping list.   I think they should put something like "Depressed?? You are not allowed to enter Clarks Village!" as a banner at the very entrance of clarks village.Don't you think?