Monday, March 19, 2012

.one ring and he's yours.

you know butterfly in the stomach??
the nervousness is unusual and unexplainable
and it keeps tingling until you get what you want.

and THIS is the thing that makes my stomach filled with butterflies

and because i couldn't stand the nervousness,
i bought this book though i know the price is more expensive then the heels i bought few months ago.
sophie are sooo responsible for this!

the deadline for dissy is this friday
can't wait to read sophie's without feeling guilty. ehe.


Lan said...

best ka buku ni? bestseller

ana rama said...

blom habis baca.bru bca chap 1 da aku lol berabis.

Slaium Vox said...

pinjam fotostat!! hahaa

Lan said...

nanti suda habis baca komen sikit

ana rama said...

haha.nda ku sangka ko pun minat fatin.

lan: bah