Saturday, March 24, 2012

.the day after dissy-less.

i continued painting
the feeling is different
calm and no-rush
and also guilty-less.

while painting this
i suddenly miss the winter
yup.winter has come to an end
without any sign of heavy snow.
it's alright
last two-year's snow is enough
at least i know how the snow looks like
how it feels
how it makes me happy  when I see everything on earth is white
how it makes me feel when it hits my eyelid
how it makes me fall when it becomes slippery.
and I'm gonna keep this memory
so when the children watch snow white and ask thousands of questions about the whitey thing,
i know the answer is already there.


Heart Vacancy said...

Never knw ur good in art.. :)

ana rama said...

alhamdulillah.thanks to google.i just 'copy and paste' it on the canvas.haha

clare richard said...

love the painting, rama! :) u always remind me of Susan from desperate housewives. very similar characteristics and ways of responding to life :)

Lan said...

lukis mukaku bole kak rama?

ana rama said...

thanks clare.=)fair enough haha.i always think of u when i see gabby.the fashionista in desperate housewives.

ana rama said...

potrait is a no no for me. aku x pandai lukis muka org.

Heart Vacancy said...

ah? betul bah rama?? tipula.. huhu

ana rama said...

haha..i wont lie.especially to somebody like!