Saturday, March 31, 2012

shopping as therapy?

clarks village is the most dangerous place to go
it is the most seductive place for women. and men too.
with all the colourful colours
with the music that can rush your adrenalin to buy things
with the smiling faces everywhere
with the sweet pleasing words that you can't resist,
it feels like a sin to say no
and it feels awkward to walk around the village without any plastic bags in your hands
and sometimes you don't realise your 100 pounds suddenly nowhere to be found
i guess it's because even the 30 pounds stuff looks cheaper
it's not in your hallucination
we actually had been cursed by the word 'sale'
they put real price: 100 pounds and after discount: 30 pounds
tell me, who can resist the temptation?

semue tinggitinggi belake. =(

p/s: obviously, clarks village is not a perfect getaway to release your tension coz you'll end up buying something which is not even in your shopping list.   I think they should put something like "Depressed?? You are not allowed to enter Clarks Village!" as a banner at the very entrance of clarks village.Don't you think?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

.you.with the longest legs.

"So tell me what else you wanna tell."

"Emm.. what sort of things?"

*laugh "Anything. Problems or interesting things or anything. Like there anything bothering you right now?"

*silence.wait time.thinking.

"Oh yes! I got one. The rent! It's kinda absurd."

*laugh "I heard of this nonsense-rent stuff from one of your friends."

"We have to pay the full amount. But the house only occupied for 7 days??! Nonsense. Don't you think?"

"I know.  I understand your feeling.  But Plymouth is like that.  You have to pay the full amount if nobody move into the house after you leave.  So your task now is to find somebody who can replace you and pay the rent."

"It's a good idea.  But it's hard to find somebody who are willing to move in."

"That's what I'm gonna say. So...what you should do now is just settle the rent. and find some other problems that can distract you from thinking about the house rent"


"And I can tell that the house rent is not your biggest problem right now. Is it?"

*after 10 minutes of blablabla

"Sorry rama. I can't really help.  But I'm here to listen"

"Thanks michael. see ya."

(I think you are the first person i'm gonna miss when i'm leaving msia for good)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

.the day after dissy-less.

i continued painting
the feeling is different
calm and no-rush
and also guilty-less.

while painting this
i suddenly miss the winter
yup.winter has come to an end
without any sign of heavy snow.
it's alright
last two-year's snow is enough
at least i know how the snow looks like
how it feels
how it makes me happy  when I see everything on earth is white
how it makes me feel when it hits my eyelid
how it makes me fall when it becomes slippery.
and I'm gonna keep this memory
so when the children watch snow white and ask thousands of questions about the whitey thing,
i know the answer is already there.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I checked my full name twice
in case I spell it wrong
a few hours after that I double checked it again 
I couldn't believe I finally have my own piece of work
with my father's name written on it; beside my name, under the title.
I hope he knew his name is on the cover page and will be read by thousands of people the lecturers.

Monday, March 19, 2012

.one ring and he's yours.

you know butterfly in the stomach??
the nervousness is unusual and unexplainable
and it keeps tingling until you get what you want.

and THIS is the thing that makes my stomach filled with butterflies

and because i couldn't stand the nervousness,
i bought this book though i know the price is more expensive then the heels i bought few months ago.
sophie are sooo responsible for this!

the deadline for dissy is this friday
can't wait to read sophie's without feeling guilty. ehe.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

.say cheeeeeeeseee. (not cis)

When you are stuck in a situation where you are not sure whether to smile or not, what you usually do?
1. check your phone as if somebody is texting you?

2. make a fake phone call?

3. check your watch constantly as if you are rushing?

4. if you have book(s) with you..great! simply look at your book as if you are reading?

5. look at your left/ right. pretending that you are enjoying the scenery?

6. tie-up your shoe lace?

7. change your direction straight away?

(No 1 and 2 are my favourite. Actually I already did all those 7 stuffs. Pathetic..don't you think?)

I wonder why we bothered to do so many inapplicable things when we can simply smile
Yes.we are afraid of rejection. 
the ego is too high to be rejected by others.

dear me
and dear others
lets dump the awkwardness
lets smile and show the snowy teeth behind your rosy lips
even though we don't receive the same expression from other ppl, it's alright.
coz senyum itu sedekah kan? ^^

Monday, March 5, 2012

.not photogenic.

sometimes what you see on facebook is not what it really is.
the sort of decent pic of me 'against' the union jack is actually a lie.haha

this is what i really did

 p/s you can tell how excited i was. michael cakap jarang jumpa union jack kan.ehe.

p/s if we say that we are not slim..ppl will start saying 'eh manada. slim ba kau'. hence there goes the title. if you know what i