Friday, February 3, 2012

"toooo many sweets can damage the teeth"

The leading actress: a so-called kampung girl, hijab preferable, has at least all the criterias of perempuan melayu terakhir (gentle, naive and all), stunningly beautiful.

The leading actor: handsome, city boy, has big car, big house, big money...long story short, he's rich and famous.

The must-have characters: a flirt (preferably a woman) and an 'old witch'

The woman isn't in love with the leading actor at first. The so-called forced marriage must happen. And the woman will gradually develop her love for him after series of sweet-fight (i dunno if this term even exist). And they will either live happily ever after with kids or probably they will die together as a sweet couple. And oh yeah, don't forget to let the flirt (yes, i just realise that flirt can also be a noun.hee) to spice up the movie. Better still, make the flirt cooperates with the old witch.

And finally...tadaaa! mempersembahkan..drama melayu.

p/s: though i don't really watch P.Ramlee's, but I do think that directors should learn a lot from him. evergreen!

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