Friday, February 17, 2012

Counting days???Please don't!

Another 4 months before going back Malaysia for good.

Months and months ago, this woman planned lots of things to do and lots of places to go since she's not sure whether she's got a chance to be here again in the future.

Unfortunately, this woman has stranded in this deserted island of dissertation since she has to complete her work 20 days earlier than planned.

So, she has to work extra harder to complete everything and hopefully she can see the roisin's smile.

And for everyone who read this, please pray for this woman and her classmates so that they (which means 'we') can pass with lots and lots and lots of flying colours. Eh, doa tu kan percuma. ^_*

yours truly,
this woman a.k.a. rama_ana


Lan said...

aku mau interview kau bole kak rama? pasal study di negara orang

M.D. said...

robbuna yusahhil
robbuna yunajjih
good luck to all of you marjonians =)

ana rama said...

lan, anda serius??

jazakallah M.D. =)

Lan said...

interview informal, mana la tau aku ada rezeki study oversea. bole ka kak rama?

ana rama said...

haha..lucu.apa kunun mo d tanya.bah.bring it on.kalo dpt jwb..i.Allah d jawab.

Lan said...

a-z la . persiapan sebelum pergi sampai la kau balik sini

ana rama said...

bah..l8 dkt fb laa.set time yg sesuai.

Lan said...

aku inbox jak panjang2 nanti hihihihihi