Tuesday, February 21, 2012

.becoming a teacher (3).

observing year 7 in a different school today.
In the english class, a student called his teacher 'b*tch'.
'You call me what??' the teacher said.
it was an aaaawkward moment eeeeveer.

but, there's a wow moment too
when a teacher used the sooooothing voice ever for the entire lesson. i was like, ohmatilah! with that kind of voice...this class is going to be destroyed by these kiddos.  
but, like being hypnotised, even the wildest students can be tamed by his voice.
yes, the teacher is a he.

and yes, i think i'm gonna use soothing voice when i'm teaching too.haha.i wish!

becoming a teacher (2)
becoming a teacher (1)


Beattrice said...

bestnya siap ada gmbr lg. bkn mcm my school. x siuk langsung!

Shidiey said...

Anjing betina? Aku ada sorg budak pompuan tu rilek ja tukar legging dia sebelah aku dlm kelas... =,="

Lan said...

apa sports college? kenapa sport college?

ana rama said...

beba ada c dib cerita.itsokay may be for the first week oni.next time ok da tu. =)

anjing betina mcm sounds lg ganas ba.hahaaa. xpa shidi..tgk satu kali rezeki.=p

sbb mmg dorang mau sports college. sini mmg ada vareity types of schools.last time perna pegi grammar school, technology college...dorang mcm specialised in certain2 area.got it?

Lan said...

ohhhh paham kak ramaaaa