Wednesday, February 29, 2012

just an ordinary day?

29 th february
You better write the date
Coz in 4 years
you only write it once.

"Today, in some parts of the world, the women are allowed to propose the guy" -as said by michael.

there's nothing special about 29th feb
there's nothing special about every day either
until YOU make it special.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

.that thing.

i don't want it to happen so fast
like something happen in a split second?no, that's not what i want
i want it to be smooth and steady
i want to appreciate every single little tiny thing
i don't know when it's gonna happen
and what
and how (there goes the wh-question.ehe)
though i have the clue
i will just pretend that i know nothing
just let it be..
He knows you more than you know yourself, remember?

so what is that thing?
i don't even know what.
you guess. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

.from sweetie to pretty.

Can't sleep though it's nearly 2 in the morning. I think I consumed the wrong paracetamol. Lol.
So, since the eyes still energetic, I suddenly browse through your pics. Auww..i just realise time flies so fast. We are no longer those comot school-girls with t-shirts and jeans and snickers. Mascara? Eye-liner? Blusher? No.We barely knew all those stuffs before. Johnson baby powder was the only sophisticated cosmetic.Lol. Now, look at you girls. The transformation is superb! Sometimes I keep on asking myself..kamurang ka juga ni? We are grown-ups. Can you believe that?? Lol (again).

p/s sorry for secretly uploading ur pics. ^_*


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

.becoming a teacher (3).

observing year 7 in a different school today.
In the english class, a student called his teacher 'b*tch'.
'You call me what??' the teacher said.
it was an aaaawkward moment eeeeveer.

but, there's a wow moment too
when a teacher used the sooooothing voice ever for the entire lesson. i was like, ohmatilah! with that kind of voice...this class is going to be destroyed by these kiddos.  
but, like being hypnotised, even the wildest students can be tamed by his voice.
yes, the teacher is a he.

and yes, i think i'm gonna use soothing voice when i'm teaching too.haha.i wish!

becoming a teacher (2)
becoming a teacher (1)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Counting days???Please don't!

Another 4 months before going back Malaysia for good.

Months and months ago, this woman planned lots of things to do and lots of places to go since she's not sure whether she's got a chance to be here again in the future.

Unfortunately, this woman has stranded in this deserted island of dissertation since she has to complete her work 20 days earlier than planned.

So, she has to work extra harder to complete everything and hopefully she can see the roisin's smile.

And for everyone who read this, please pray for this woman and her classmates so that they (which means 'we') can pass with lots and lots and lots of flying colours. Eh, doa tu kan percuma. ^_*

yours truly,
this woman a.k.a. rama_ana

Thursday, February 9, 2012


bah.tok kadi ready seja ah.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

.caring is sharing II.

"Why the Quran is in arabic? You guys are malay. You don't even understand arabic. Why not in English so everybody can understand?" (a type of question which I answered with 'emm..err..erk' few years ago)

"Had We sent this as a Qur'an (in a language) other than Arabic, they would have said: "Why are not its verses explained in detail? What! (a Book) not in Arabic and (a Messenger) an Arab?...." Fussilat, verse 44

"Dan sekiranya al-Quran Kami jadikan sebagai bacaan dalam bahasa selain bahasa Arab niscaya mereka mengatakan 'Mengapa tidak dijelaskan ayat-ayatnya?' Apakah patut Al-Quran dalam bahasa selain bahasa Arab sedang rasul orang Arab?......" Fussilat ayat 44 (surah 41)


p/s that's our own fault who don't even bother to learn arabic.=(

Friday, February 3, 2012

"toooo many sweets can damage the teeth"

The leading actress: a so-called kampung girl, hijab preferable, has at least all the criterias of perempuan melayu terakhir (gentle, naive and all), stunningly beautiful.

The leading actor: handsome, city boy, has big car, big house, big money...long story short, he's rich and famous.

The must-have characters: a flirt (preferably a woman) and an 'old witch'

The woman isn't in love with the leading actor at first. The so-called forced marriage must happen. And the woman will gradually develop her love for him after series of sweet-fight (i dunno if this term even exist). And they will either live happily ever after with kids or probably they will die together as a sweet couple. And oh yeah, don't forget to let the flirt (yes, i just realise that flirt can also be a noun.hee) to spice up the movie. Better still, make the flirt cooperates with the old witch.

And finally...tadaaa! mempersembahkan..drama melayu.

p/s: though i don't really watch P.Ramlee's, but I do think that directors should learn a lot from him. evergreen!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cluster ring: when shall we meet?

So what is cluster ring?

'Cluster rings are rings with a group of stones in a cluster setting, forming the focal point of the ring. The cluster setting usually consists of one large stone (usually round or oval) in the center surrounded with several smaller stones.' (source: here)

That's the essay-type definition. If you ask me, I would say cluster ring is a beautiful, eye-catching ring with big diamonds/ stones that makes you look elegant and stunning (finger crossed). And....if you have bruise on one of your fingers...cluster ring is big enough to help you cover it. True story.

Ouhhh..look at those pictures...aren't they lovely?  *saliva drops slowly from mouth. (euww)

The first three look more like engagement rings kan..
The last one..ya ampunnn.I saw more or less like this one last week in carboot sale. Brand new ring...brand new which costs only 4 pounds! But probably the uk people is soo big. the ring is too loose for me. So sad.So sad.  Better luck next time.