Monday, January 2, 2012

.the story unfolds.

If one day my children flip through my album and ask"Who's this guy with two cute little girls?"
and if I have to choose the followings:

A. that's my friend with his nieces.
B. that's your father.and those are your cousins.

I wish I could give them B as the ultimate answer.

We don't know what He plans for us.
Together we pray for the bright future.

"Happy Birthday and Happy New Year"

p/s:semoga dipercepatkan apa yang patut dipercepatkan.amin


dee dee :) said...

awwh! prayers for both of you!

Nurul Faezah said...

Sweet! Nanti mau tiru jugakkkk.. Heee. Boleh ka?

ana rama said...

thanks dee dee =)

faezah, tiru yg baik seja laa.yg jahat jgn.hehe

dee dee :) said...

haha. kak rama. x kenal meh?:P

ana rama said...

maaf maaf.muka tetutup.kak rama x bad my bad.sapa ya?