Friday, January 13, 2012

.a moment of leisure.

after every 'hardwork', i have a habit to reward myself with the episodes of howimetyourmother

last few days, i finished watching it.

instead of drama series, i rewarded myself with chocolate, and crisps, and cakes and a cup of coffee.and
tea.and sometimes milo.and neslo. (eh rakus)

and..the result feeling ef ay ti

so this time, i won't let the food win

that's why i decided to reward myself with 42 minutes (equals to one episode) of desperate housewives

and i can't believe it dragged me until 3 episodes!

i juuust love Gaby! don't you think she's adorably getek??

and truth be told...i'm still eating cake, and chocolates and crisps minus the hot drink.
food, i let you win this time.

*ef ay ti=fat

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